Facts About Orthopedic Doctors

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When it comes to orthopedics, there are many fun and interesting facts that the general population may not be aware of. Here are some of the most interesting facts which you can share with your friends and family. Enjoy!

1. According to the most recent statistics available, the bulk of orthopedic doctors actually maintain a private practice versus practicing in a traditional hospital setting. This could be due to the fact that orthopedic is a specialty. This majority comes in at about 80%. The rest of them generally work in group practice and a small amount work in a multi-specialty division.

2. Orthopedic surgeons certainly stay busy. The average orthopedic surgeon performs approximately 32 surgeries a year. The most common of all of the procedures performed are actually arthroscopic surgery on the patient’s knee. The second-most reported procedure was spinal fusion surgery with rotator cuff surgery following not far behind.

3. The average age of the orthopedic surgeons performing the most surgeries came in at 40-49. While some surgeons still practiced after the age of 70, they comprised a very small amount of the total surgeon population.

4. The number one cause of injury among school-age children and teenagers has been reported to be from overuse. These, of course, would be sports-related injuries as there is really no other way to achieve an overuse injury than through the playing of sports.

5. THh mortality rate that was reported from perhaps the most vulnerable population of all, those being the elderly who live in nursing homes, was reported to be 50% when these people experienced the trauma that can come with a hip injury.

As you can see, there are some very interesting facts about orthopedic doctors in homestead fl that you can tell your family and friends about and be the life of the party.

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