Alameda County Environmental Health

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The Division of Environmental Health Services (DEHS) is committed to enhancing the high quality of life by safeguarding public health, promoting security and stopping environmental hazards so those who reside, stop by and invest can prosper and achieve properly-getting. Even although a federal ministry was made and other agencies of environment, however they can not carry out to the expectation due to poor structures that incorporate environmental health officers in most or all division and non challant attitude of our governments. Meals Service Strategy 2013/2014 pdf / 295KB The Meals Service within Dudley is provided by the Meals and Occupational Security Service and the Trading Requirements Service. Minimizing exposure to toxic substances and hazardous wastes is basic to environmental health.

Unique emphasis is placed on developing a knowledge base on the key academic ideas in chemistry and biochemistry for occupational and environmental health and food chemistry applying examples from practice and field-primarily based encounter. The establishment of the Planet Health Organization WHO in 1948, brought about modifications in the profession, hence many people today with higher educational qualification have been recruited into the profession and enhanced curriculum to accommodate the need of the society. Environmental health has an important contribution to make to improving public health and minimizing health inequalities.

Currently, an environmental health officer in Nigeria under goes 4 years education in public health with courses as Epidemiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Control of epidemic and control of infectious illnesses, First help treatment, Emergency preparedness and response, Waste management, Creating technologies, Entomology, Public health laws and administration, Microbiology, Environmental monitoring, Pollution manage and abatement, Biostatistics among other course.

Our degree will supply you with the qualifications to grow to be a Generalist or Specialist Environmental Health Practitioner (just after meeting the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) professional needs). Coursework in population environmental health and sustainability prepares students to work with diverse populations and communities to preserve healthy and sustainable habits. Courses like occupational health, preventive and social medicine, public health and so on are nowhere to be identified in our universities.

One more lack of consideration to the environmental health officers by the government is that majority of government or all institution has no provision of office of environmental health officers. Environment” in this context indicates identifying and addressing how the environment impacts human health. To develop a understanding base of the popular workplace hazards, and evaluate the influence of human components on security. Explore the responsibilities of meals business enterprise proprietors, workers, and other persons in guaranteeing meals safety. By the civil service nomenclature the holder of this diploma is an Environmental Health Technologist or Officer” emphasis mine.

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