Chip off the Old Tooth

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One day while I was eating dinner, I bit into a bone and it chipped my tooth. I panicked because I thought the tooth might have been cracked or I was bleeding. I ran to the mirror and for the most part, the tooth looked fine, except for one small bit that was missing at the bottom. At first the tooth didn’t look so bad, but after a couple of days, I would notice it every time I looked in the mirror. I decided to go to a dentist in Wollongong, because the tooth would stick out with each smile and it really started to get to me.

I asked the dentist what would be the best option for me and he told me that a cap would cover up the chip in my tooth, although the chip was barely noticeable enough that I would really need it, and it wasn’t deep enough to affect the functionality of the tooth. Still, I wanted to get the cap installed, so the dentist had me fitted for one. The new cap fit perfectly in my mouth and I couldn’t even tell that it was there when I looked in the mirror.

Ever since that incident with the bone, I’ve been a lot more careful about biting into foods. Even when the foods don’t have any bones, I’m still afraid that I might bite into my fork or spoon and chip a tooth that way. I was eating a piece of pecan pie recently, and I would check and chew every bite slowly just in case a bit of pecan shell made it into the pie by accident. After every meal, I check my teeth to make sure nothing chipped while I was eating. It’s a bit of a burden, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

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